when kids get sexuality  

a film by Greg Smallidge

the big idea

I met these charming high school students in the summer of 2008 and worked alongside them for a year as they taught sexual health and served as available, informed resources for their peers. In their funny, passionate way they also taught me a tremendous amount about making sexuality education more meaningful and helpful.


I couldn't keep their wonderfulness to myself (I talked about them all the time) and it quickly became obvious that everyone should experience the powerful spirit of these young educators. Everyone should have the chance (as I have had - over and over again) to have their understanding of sexuality get a little more grown up, challenged and explored. This was the big idea.


So I interviewed them, and began filming their classes. Perfectly fine.


But then why not include ALL the great sexuality professionals I’m lucky to know? And the writers and illustrators of the very best sexuality books for young people? What about parents? Elementary school kids? College students? Kindergartners? Church groups? Clinic staff? The occasional stranger?


The idea got bigger, and now we have an even bigger film. Because everyone said yes, and because there’s just so much to get smarter about.


Snohomish County Teen Council

2008 - 2009